We work with Amazon planners and buyers to develop forecasts and promotional plans that instill trust and get orders.

make smart decisions

We help you assess and manage Amazon vendor marketing, promotional, and liquidation opportunities. 

vet promotional opportunities

Bitfas Online

Smart Analytics to Drive Retail Sales  

Get Buyer Commitment

We track your results to ensure that you get a good return on investment (ROI). 



Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce channel, accounting for 1 in 3 online shopping transactions in North America. It can and should be one of your biggest customers/sales channel, if not the biggest. 


Amazon, with its reviews and opportunity to prove new products, is a key element in many manufacturers' overall strategy to drive sales through Brick and Mortar channels. 

What we do:

Forecasting Models - Develop promotional plans that build buyer confidence

Self-Serve Campaigns - Get the most out of self-service promotions and advertising

Cost/Benefit Analysis - reporting on sales impact of Vendor Premium Services, Lightning Deals, and other promotions

Promotions Management - Setup of Coupons (Vendor-Funded Promotions). Implement Best Deal and Price Discount promotions

Competitor Analysis - Our team analyzes past historical and competitor data to create a strategic plan to help grow your business